Seven Cities Of Delhi


One of the Tughlak rulers,Firoze Tughlak created the fourth city of Delhi 
, Firozabad or Kotla Firoze Shah next to the river Yamuna.  This  was a 
large  enclosure  of  high  walls ,  containing  palaces ,   pillared  halls , 
mosques,  a pigeon  tower and  a water tank.  On the top of his palace, 
Firoze planted  an  Ashokan  pillar  from  1500 years  ago. He also built 
several  hunting lodges in and around Delhi, as well as mosques, some 
of which still remain. Apart from raising new buildings, Firoze Shah also 
repaired old ones,such as Sultan Ghori's tomb,Qutub Minar,Suraj Kund 
and Hauz Khas. ( Firoze Shah's tomb, a  lofty  structure,  lies in Hauz - 
Khas. )  After  Firoze Shah's  death,  the  sultanate  became  politically 
unstable and in  1398, the Turk ruler of Samarkand Taimur invaded India 
- creating havoc in the cities of Delhi, looting, killing and plundering.  He 
captured Firozabad,  prayed at the mosque and went back  to  Samar - 
kand with the goodies.Today, Kotla Firoze Shah is famous for its sports 
stadium - a common venue for cricket matches.  The Sayyid  and Lodhi 
dynasties that followed the Tughlak dynasty were  far  more  concerned 
with restoring stability than patronisation  of arts or architecture. Tombs 
erected  in  the  honour  of  the  rulers are the only monuments of these 
times (most famous: the tombs at the Lodhi Garden).Architectural glory 
returned with the Mughals.

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