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Citizen's Charter

The Citizen's Charter of the Department of Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax incorporates our commitment to standards of service for our clients and members of public who have an actual or potential interest in the working of this department

The department dedicated itself to move in the direction of sustainable excellence and transparency in formulation of policies dovetailing it with courtesy, promptness and reliability in its day to day interactions. This is proposed to be achieved by technological upgradation of services and procedures making for easier tax compliance and facilitating trade by ensuring integrity, objectivity along with reducing the areas of discretionary exercise of powers and affording access of information to public.  A few steps in this direction are making available all the information pertaining to rules and regulations through a detailer brochure available at reception as well as department website.   Department's web site also provides facilities for online applications, commissions, suggestions and complaints (email :cexcise@nic.in ) the aforementioned philosophy will further be concretised and reflected in functioning of various wings of the department as follows :-



The department promises to respond to all its clients for various works within the following stipulated time limits :-

Written Inquiries : Within Ten Working Days

Telephonic Inquiries : By Next Working Day.

Acknowledgements of  

declaration /returns/intimations 

(i) on the spot written receipt to bearers

(ii)For Those received by dak-within 10 days

Settlement of dispute : Within 15 days of response to final notice.

Visitors : With prior Appointment : Immediate

Within visitor’s Hours : 15 minutes

Casual visitors : Received and/or given appointment within 30 minutes

Request for information : Disposal within 10 days 

Courtesy to the client will be watch word of the department and will be brought home through motivational workshops.


The request for grant of a license of any kind shall be disposed off within 15 days after the submission for all relevant documents by the applicant.

The IPs/TPs shall be issued on the same date as prefixed for each kind of client on completion of codal formalities.  Department will strive to make it online obviating even the need to visit the department by the licensee. Department will strike to help consumers to have access to their preferred brands by way of more self-service vends and /or exercise of brand preference to touch screen technology, dove-tailing preferred brand data in the indenting process through better MIS. The speed of transaction at vends will also be increased by technology upgradation.

The department will also strive to provide valuable management information through effective data management to its clients thus helping them service the customers better by effective inventory management etc.  and also to keep their systems updated by online reconciliation with the department.

The department aims at providing online transfer of funds facility thus reducing the cost of floats, deposits and transfer of funds for the licensees considerably

the department will strive to make available, testing reports on all excise samples within one month.  The department also promises to act on any information of excise law violation on immediate basis.  The confidentially of information sources is also promised.  


The department will strive to dispose off :-

Application for Registration :- Within 10 days after submission of relevant documents

The disputes related to returns , declarations and assessment will be settled within stipulated time as detailed in general procedures.

Hotels are also proposed to be provided with electronic fund transfer facility thus making tax compliance easier and also reducing cost of money transfer. The department will explore the feasibility and legal sustainability of doing away with formal filing of paper returns. The hotels will benefit by reduction in accounting load and effective reconciliation with department and minimized need for physical visit to the same.


The department will strive to facilitate making of electronic payment, reducing cost of transfer of funds, facilitating and possibility doing away with filling of paper returns thus reducing considerable accounting load and providing effective reconciliation with department making for ease of tax compliance.

Regarding application for exemption of tax on films and casual programmers the department promises to dispose off the case within 15 days of submission of relevant documents and for invitational and programme covered by our notifications clearances will be given within a maximum of five days of receipt of complete applications.  similarly, the cases of refund of advance tax paid on casual programme will be settled within 1 week of submission f final accounts as regards settlement of accounting discrepancies, and grant of NOC to cinema halls the same will be disposed off within 15 days of the application pertaining there-to.

                                         Commissioner Excise, Entt & Luxury Tax

                                           Govt . of Delhi, L-Block Vikas Bhawan

                                            ITO, New Delhi-110002

                                            Tel 23378088,23370033,23370868

                                             Fax 23370220

                                             E-mail: cexcise@nic.in




The Democratic Government in India with the help of responsive public administration has no longer confined to provide essential services to the citizenís but extends to almost all walks of human life. Our constitution has set in motion a longer process of changing the laissez-faire state into a welfare state. This pre-supposes that the administration is alert, sympathetic, sensitive and responsive to the people.

All this requires a philosophy of openness, transparency and accountability. The government of Delhi has given an important right to the citizenís to get the information under the Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001.It guarantees that the information, which can be given to the citizen will be given within 30 days and in case it is to be denied then the applicant will get a rejection letter with cogent reasons for rejecting his application.

Any person seeking information under the Act can file an application in Form-A to the competent authority. Forms are available free of cost with the competent authority.  A nominal application fee of Rs. 50/- per application will be charged for supply of information other than the information relating to Tender Documents/Bids/Quotations/Business Documents.  However for business documents, an application fee of Rs 500/- will be charged. In addition, a sum of Rs. 5/- per page will be charged for supply of information.

In case a person fails to get a response from the competent authority within 30 days of the submission of Form-A or is aggrieved by the response received within the prescribed period he may file an appeal to the Public Grievance Commission. In case appeal is allowed, the information shall be supplied to the applicant by the competent authority within such period as ordered by the appellate authority. This period shall not exceed 30 days from the date from receipt of the order.

Whosoever being bound to supply the information fails to furnish the information asked for under the Act within the time specified or fails to communicate the rejection order shall be liable to pay a penalty of Rs 50/- per day for delayed period beyond the 30 days subject to a maximum of Rs 500/- per application.

In case the information supplied is found to be false in any material particular and which the person bound to supply it knows or has reasonable cause to believe it to be false or does not believe it to be true, the person supplying the information shall be liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 1000/- per application.

The citizens desirous of getting information may contact the Competent Authority of the department to facilitate the process of getting the desired information.

 Detail of Competent Authority

 Shri Surajit Roy         Ph No (O) : 23378091

Dy. Commissioner         Fax : 23370868

 Email cexcise@nic.in                                 


Vikas Sharma            Ph No : 23378583








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